Is The Brand Plan for me?

Not sure if you are an introvert, or even an entrepreneur?

An introvert is essentially someone who recharges their energy by being alone and quiet.  Whereas an extrovert gets their energy from being sociable with other people. 

They are personality orientations rather than choice; some people are more introverted than others, some are more extroverted than others, and some have a bit of both - ambiverts.

The Brand Plan is geared towards helping introverts with their business, to use their introvert strengths, to not have to pretend to be extrovert to be a successful business owner.  But also to support them in getting more visible, to grow their comfort zone, to be confident being the face of their business, to build a personal brand.

But you don't need to be really introverted to benefit from all of that, you might just be a little shy, or a little bit of an introvert, or just near the start of your business journey and need the same help and support.

An entrepreneur whilst we're talking definitions, is "a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit" - Oxford English Dictionary.  I'm using the term in my strapline, (that The Brand Plan will provide brand-boosting strategy and support for introvert entrepreneurs) to mean any business owner, whether you think of yourself as an entrepreneur or not, particularly any business owner who is ambitious and wants to grow their business.

For me, I felt I was a business owner in my first few years of running a business, and then grew into being more of an entrepreneur as I became more professional, more organised, more working on growing and expanding my business, more of a successful business owner. 

So that's why I also use the term 'aspiring entrepreneur' on the sales page for The Brand Plan, because the knowledge and confidence that will come from working through The Brand Plan, will take you from feeling like a business owner to feeling like an entrepreneur.

There is a whole module within the membership to help you balance being an introvert and an entrepreneur, support you through any challenges you have, and give you more information to learn about how it affects you.  But you can start with the free info in The Brand Builders Hub if you'd like to know more, and take a personality test to see how introverted you really are!

I hope that helps :)   Here are a few more reasons why The Brand Plan might be for you:

- You're feeling a bit stuck, you're not sure what to do next to move your business forwards and keep growing.

- The idea of sharing photos of yourself, sharing more of your personality, and going live terrifies you, but you know you need to do something.

- You're an ambitious business owner and want to get more results from your online presence.

- You're focused and motivated to make a big impact (and grow your income too). 

- You have a brand you love, but you're not sure how to use it to grow your business.

- You could do with some support and accountability to make sure you take the actions you learn about or know you need to do.

- You want to make the move from business owner to feeling like a successful entrepreneur, you just need the how and the strategy to help.  

- You know you want to elevate your brand, grow your audience, be more successful. 

- You want a mentor to support you, and a group of likeminded business owners going through the same things as you are to cheerlead you on.

Let me know if you would like a chat to help you decide if The Brand Plan is for you -

- Or click the Join Us Now! button just below :) 

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