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Who is it for?

THE BRAND PLAN is for any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to uplevel their whole business and grow, by building their personal brand, getting more confident, and getting more visible.  It's especially for anyone who needs support to do that, who's a bit of an introvert or just shy, and finds it hard to be more visible.


Who is it not for?

It’s not for anyone who isn’t willing to take action.  I want to make sure you get the most out of the membership!  

Or if you know exactly what to do next with your business and are happy doing it on your own.

Or if you're perfectly comfortable sharing all about yourself online, getting in front of the camera, going live, speaking in public, and getting visible without any extra support or strategy.

What can I learn about?

The membership includes:

- A big library of my Visibility Roadmap trainings taking you step by step through everything you can do to create your brand, build a strong brand, and then elevate it with even more methods and strategies to get even more visible and grow your business.

- Plus a collection of resources from other experts to support your introvert entrepreneur journey.

- Instant access to all the workbooks that are in the Academy and any new ones that I add whilst you are in the membership. 

- Bonus access to various mini courses or discount coupons for in depth courses, depending on how long you are a member for - eg free access to From Selfie Shy To Selfie Star, worth £97, after you've been a member for 6 months, and so on.

(See exactly what all these are in the previous lesson).

What else will I get from the membership?

Support and accountability!  Mentorship and support from me.  Support from the other lovely members.  Strategy and planning sessions, co-working and networking sessions.  All of us cheering you on and keeping you accountable so you take action and grow your business.

How does it all work? 

Once you pay to join The Brand Plan, you'll get access to the rest of this membership hub.  All the training materials are downloadable, readable or watchable from inside the various modules.  You can work through them on your own, at your own pace - or let me or another member be your accountability buddy!   

You also have The Brand Planners Club to join, our private facebook group just for Brand Plan members, to keep you up to date with everything happening in the membership and for support, accountability, connecting with each other, and for asking questions. 

The monthly planning and strategy sessions are held on zoom so that we can chat things through more easily, and you can catch up on a recording if you miss one.

How long should I be in the membership for?

The membership is designed to last for a year, so that you have time to work through the material inside the membership hub, do all the courses, and really have time to move your business forwards. 

The Standard membership has a 3 month minimum, and then you can cancel at any time, stay as a rolling member, or upgrade to the Elite membership or VIP option.

However the Elite membership is an annual programme, and you pay for the full year when you join, or can pay for this with the payment plan option but you are committed to the full year.  You're very welcome to switch to the Standard membership once your year is up, to keep getting the support and accountability, and continue to get access to any new resources I add.  Or you can upgrade to the VIP option at any point for some 1:1 support to fast-track your brand and visibility.


Will I really learn enough to get more confident, more visible, and move my business forward?

Yes.  So long as you show up and implement what you learn.   

I’m not remotely fluffy, and I can’t waffle, so please be reassured that every lesson and pdf will be packed full of useful info!

I really do want you to take action, not just listen to the trainings, or ignore the workbooks etc., so I will be really trying to keep you accountable and get you to implement anything you need to as we go.



How much does it cost?

The investment right now is just £49 per month (and ongoing for as long as you stay, you'll always keep your rate even when it goes up to new members).  You can cancel at any time after the first three months, stay as a rolling member, or upgrade to the Elite membership or VIP option.

Or choose the yearly payment, of £490 for the whole year, giving you two months for free!

The investment currently for the Elite membership is £1000 to pay in full, or £87 a month on a 12 month payment plan. 

As a Standard member you lose access to the membership hub, the Facebook group, and any courses etc when you cancel your membership, but as an Elite member you keep access to the courses.

How does the payment work?

Click the Join Us Now! button at the bottom of this page or any of the other pages here in the Picture Your Brand Academy.  Choose the monthly option or the annual option, fill in your details, and click the pay button. 



I don’t have time to join right now, can I do it another time?

Yes, probably!  I might switch to only opening for new members occasionally, but at the moment it is open all the time for you to join when you are ready.  Note that the price may well go up further in the future ;)



Any more questions?  Just let me know!


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