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Intro to The Brand Builders Hub

Hello, I just wanted to give you a quick introduction to the Brand Builders Hub that you’ve hopefully just signed up to!  And if you skipped it, watch the previous video for an intro to me! 

There are lots of different free resources in here for you to work through – or at least there will be, I’ve got lots to add and there will be more coming, so check back again soon for more. Each one will help you with a different aspect of creating and building your brand. 

It is divided into the five stages of my Picture Your Whole Brand framework so you can easily find what you need: creating your brand for the basics, styling your brand for the visual aspects, photographing your brand and you, storytelling to connect with your audience, and then getting visible with strategy to grow your business.  

You don’t need to do everything in the order it appears in here, just pick and choose the ones that interest you.  Though going in order will make more sense if you are at the start of creating your brand.

The courses and workbooks in the rest of the Academy are also in these categories so you can find more help with whichever stage you are at.  Or of course there is my Picture Your Brand Group Programme which covers everything!

Come and ask any questions you have in my facebook community Your Brand Story, and if you need more help with anything, take a look at all the other courses that are available, and learn from me in greater detail.  Or there’s always my power hour, my Brand Brainstorm, for some 1:1 time to work together on something brand related to get you from stuck to storming ahead!

Ok that’s it, enjoy spending some concentrated time ON your business instead of in it, and then go and put those plans into action!

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