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Intro to Jane & the Academy

Welcome !

Hello!  Hi I’m Jane, and welcome to The Picture Your Brand Academy!  This is the place for all the free and paid resources and courses I have, all about creating and building your beautiful, distinctive and personal brand, getting more visible, and growing your business.  It’s for any entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to get more organised, more professional, and is ready to uplevel and elevate their business.

I just wanted to introduce myself before you dive in to whichever section of the hub you are interested in!

So hi, I’m Jane, of Picture Your Brand with Jane Mucklow Photography.  I’m a branding photographer and brand strategist, helping you to get visible as the face of your business with beautiful branding photos, and with a distinctive, stylish and personal brand that truly reflects you.

So when I do branding photos for a business owner, they come with strategy!  Not only do they capture you looking amazing, but they also tell your story, appeal to your ideal clients or customers, match the rest of your brand, and just work much more effectively for you when you use them.

I run a group programme to help you create and build your own brand and branding, and have other courses here in the hub to help with your brand and getting visible.

I teach photography too, in my Basic to Brilliant course, so that business owners can learn to take better photos themselves for their social media etc., and get them aligned with the rest of their brand too.

And if you’d like to join my free community over on Facebook it’s called Your Brand Story, and is linked in the footer below, along with my main website, or right here.

Ok, and now a bit about actually me – there's a photo of me in the video on my 7th birthday with my favourite present, my first camera!  So I’ve been taking photos since then if not before, and have always loved it.  I didn’t ever have the chance to study it though until my first job after uni was in a picture library – I was selling other people’s photos!  I loved history too, and did that at uni instead of art, and then went to work at Windsor Castle surrounded by history, books, art and photos. 

Anyway, I realised I wanted to be the one taking the photos, and so I found some evening classes to learn properly, on my new film camera back then!  Then I left that job, even though I was working for the Queen, and spent nearly a decade working as a photographer for other museums.  Before redundancy from the National Trust, and children, led to me starting my own photography business seven years ago.

I live in Kent by the way, in a lovely village near Sevenoaks with lots of gorgeous countryside that I photograph often, like the poppies from last year you can see in the video too – and I still sell my landscape photos as prints and cards and calendars as Jane Mucklow Photography.  But I’ve loved learning about creating and building a brand too, and I have been adding more of the brand side of it to my business ever since.

Finally here’s a few more facts to get to know me some more 😊  As you’ve just heard, I love taking photos, and I love history.  I also love reading, chocolate, and wine.  I love doing a bit of gardening at home, but I definitely don’t love the housework.  I’m married, I have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, and the middle one has a hamster.  We’d all love a dog except for my husband, so we’re still working on that one!  And I’d love to do a bit more travelling and skiing one day… 

Do come and join my facebook group and tell me a bit about you too - or if you're signed in you can access the quiz question right here and answer!  And I look forward to helping you build your brand and grow your business!

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