The Create Your Brand Workbook

The Create Your Brand Workbook

You know you need a whole brand don’t you?

And I don’t mean just your logo, and maybe the same colours in your website design, or even a set of branding photos!

I mean the whole brand, that puts you at the centre of your business, and engages your ideal client so they really want to buy from you.  From your brand values to your brand personality, to your mission, your why, your ideal client, through to all your brand messaging and more.  If you get all the basics in place you can create a whole brand with a corresponding visual identity that reflects you and appeals to your ideal clients/customers.   

You need to create a brand that makes you RECOGNISABLE and MEMORABLE. You need to create a brand that is about YOU, AND appeals to your IDEAL CLIENT.  You need to create a brand with PERSONALITY.


But how do you do all that? …With my twenty essential steps to creating your brilliant and stand out brand!

The Create Your Brand Workbook walks you through my twenty essential steps to help you create yourself a strong, beautiful, stand out brand. There’s fifty pages of info, tips, questions and space for you to fill in your answers and make notes in there, so all your info is kept together in the one document.   

Because working out your brand, and thoroughly getting to know it so you can use it everywhere, and consistently, is vital to getting visible and growing your business.


“Your Brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine


So start now: buy my workbook, and invest some time in working through it, making notes, and gathering all your brand information together into one document.  You’ll soon be creating a brilliant stand out brand ready to get your business out there to your ideal clients.  Who will be much more eager to buy from you!

(And then when you’re ready to get your branding photos done, you’ll be in a much better place to work out what they should look like, the locations to use, and the stories to tell.  Resulting in on-brand photos that will be so much more effective).

This workbook is an introduction to everything I teach through my five stages of creating a whole brand - creating solid brand foundations, styling your brand (plus photos), connecting your brand to your audience, and the brand strategy to keep you getting visible and growing your business.  Start here if you'd like an overview of it all, and follow my twenty essential steps to creating your whole outstanding brand. 

(If you want more detail, go straight to the course available for each specific stage).

Have any questions or still not sure?  Have a look through the FAQs and Testimonials module, and let me know your queries. 

If you'd like help filling it in, or you won't ever get round to doing it all by yourself, why not upgrade and add a 1:1 Brand Brainstorm too, where we can do a 60-90 minute zoom to totally concentrate on your business.  We will brainstorm together, and I’ll help you get clear on all the different aspects of your brand, and walk you through filling the workbook in.  And we’ll work out any next steps you need to take to keep growing a really strong stand out brand too.

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